Motion design

Graphic motion is a newly popular way of integrating images, graphics or illustrations in a video. Present in almost every modern video production, motion graphics are a specialty and require technical and creative skills. Several softwares can achieve motion design of great quality: After effects – Motion – Nuke – Fusion. All of these softwares have their own singular features and functionality.

Motion design serves two purposes : it complements the content in the video and enhances the visual aesthetic of the video. For a corporate video, design motion is noticeable in the introductory panel to introduce the topic of the video dynamically. It is also found throughout the video as animated graphics or to present stakeholders without them having to present themselves verbally (lower- third). A video can also be made entirely with motion design. It is a way to tell a story or explain a difficult concept in a dynamic and very playful way. (See example). To produce such a video, only the stages of pre- production and post-production are considered, since the content is entirely generated electronically.

VIU MEDIA has all the human and technical resources to produce animated content. For this kind of project, VIU MEDIA does the development and ideation and the production of a storyboard and a specific mood-board. Since the motion design is directly related to the visual corporate identity (branding), VIU MEDIA works closely with your internal marketing team.