Marketing and media strategy consulting

In the video industry , marketing and media strategies are carried out upstream. It involves taking the time to reflect on the various elements that will influence the success of the video campaign when released :

For example, In marketing strategies, analysis of target-audience, sale cycles, decision-making and emotional processes, purchasing intentions and such, are performed.
Similarly, In media strategies, the relevant communication channels are identified to engage with the audience, media placement, timing, etc.
The strategy may also extend over the operations . For example, it could occur if ever you wanted to produce your video content yourself, but you needed to be guided and advised on different equipment and techniques.

Marketing and media strategies allow messages to be percussive and to be coherent with one’s goals.
A consultation can really empower you and direct you in the right direction to establish a certain quality standard in your video communications.

VIU MEDIA offers consultants in the marketing and media planning field to support you in developing your video communication strategy.
Training on equipment and video techniques is also available to properly train your internal resources in order to produce high-quality videos.