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When producing a video, the work has to be split into three equally important parts : pre-production, production and post-production.

All these creative steps are necessary to achieve an attractive and professional video project. The steps form a coherent whole and organize a thorough execution. For example, the role of the storyboard during the pre-production allows one to validate camera shots before shooting them and ensures that everything is in place at the time of filiming. On set, the team is more efficient since it can refer to the storyboard for guidance in the execution. The storyboard also helps in the post-production stage since the editor can quickly select the appropriate scenes, validated by the customer during production, in order to begin editing.

Pre-production is the planning step that goes into the making of a video. It is fundamental for the production team to establish the outcome expected by the client. The nature of the video is defined, as well as the goals, the target audience, the tone and the key messages that need to be delivered. Once all of those points have been addressed and the proper location has been found, the technical breakdown (frame per frame) and/or a storyboard is made in order to have an overview of the video’s structure. This document is primordial during the execution since it serves as a guideline. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PREPRODUCTION.

Production is the active filming stage which involves the participation of the crew such as the director, cameramen, lighting designers, makeup artists and hairdressers, etc. It is also in this stage that professional equipment such as 4k cameras, sets, studios, lights and sometimes drones, dollys and rigs, etc are needed. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCTION.

The final step is Post-Production consisting of offline and online editing. Offline editing is where raw footage is assembled into a draft video using specialized software (Adobe Premiere – After Effects – Cinema 4D – Nuke – Maya) and validated with the customer. Online editing is where image stabilization, color, sound and sound effects, graphic skins, lowerthirds and subtitles, animations, etc are added. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE POST-PRODUCTION.