Production is the stage where the raw footage is generated and recorded. It can either be event-based, live-captured during an event;corporate, such as an interview, a speech, a panel; or for advertising and promoting the sale of a product or service.

Production can be executed in two ways : in a controlled environment, such as in a studio, or on a set, frequently called “on location”, which are the places where the daily business of a company operates.
Shooting in studios allows better control of anything technical since it holds all devices and the space required to install the equipment. In addition, it is free of all unwanted elements like an annoying window or the sound of a machine that could disrupt the quality of the recorded sounds.
Producing “On Location”, is a personalized place where production takes place. This place, which can be a theater, a factory, an office, the roof of a building or an agricultural field, is often agreed upon by the customer and the production team. This option is often chosen when the environment influences and/or directly participates in the storytelling.
Videos can also be produced in a mixture of the two environments. A testimony filmed inside an office can be mixed with external scenes filmed with a drone. These added scenes are are known in the industry as B -ROLL. They are used to accentuate and enhanced the message and the video.

Production is the most important stage in a video production. Without it, there wouldn’t be a video! It is therefore important to consider several factors for the success of this crucial step. It is possible to adapt the size of the crew depending on the complexity and scope of the video project. For example, the coverage of an event may be well-performed with a reduced squad, whereas shooting a corporate video or an advertisement could require a full camera crew to ensure that everything goes as planned and that resources are used optimally. There are no written rules, but here is an example of the ideal size of a crew depending on the type of video:

Event: 1 director, 1 cameraman
Corporate: 1 director, 1 production manager, 1 cameraman, 1 lighting technician, 1 assistant, 1 makeup artist
Advertising or business: 1 director, 1 director of photography, 1 lighting, 1 assistant camera, 1 stage manager, production assistants … (additional crew members may be needed)

Of course, the size depends on the complexity of the production, so make sure to commission a production team who can advise you accurately on the extent of your production and the necessary staff to carry out your mandate

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