Preproduction is the first step in creating a video. The expectations and requirements are established in collaboration with the Client.

Here are the steps in chronological order to consider in pre-production:
The nature of the video: Is it a corporate video, promotional, event-based, etc. ?
The goal: Do I want to improve my brand awareness, inform, educate, entertain, move, sell a product or service etc. ?
The target audience: Whom am I addressing? What are their characteristics? Their interests, needs, desires, etc.?
The tone: Should the video be serious, cheerful, relaxing, funny?
Key messages to deliver: What message has to come across? do I want to say, illustrate? Who is speaking? Is this person in front or behind the camera (voice-over)? Does the message need to be scripted? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SCRIPTING.
Duration: How long does it take to effectively communicate my message?
Release date: When do I need to finish this video? This allows you to schedule properly.
Shooting location: Where will we be filming? In a studio, in an office, outside? Do we need filming permits?
Cutaways: What are the images, videos, graphics or animations that need to be added to the video to emphasize the message?

Technical Breakdown (frame per frame) and a storyboard: Depending on the complexity of the video, the final Technical Breakdown (frame per frame) and the storyboard are interesting components to consider, since they help to visually see a summary of the video and its structure, and to use later on as a guideline, before any filming is performed. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TECHNICAL BREAKDOWN AND STORYBOARDS.

Marketing strategies and the media: Where does this video fit in the broader strategy? Will I incorporate it to a website, a newsletter, social media? How does the video interleave with my marketing and communication plan? Can I add this video into several other communication activities (an article, blog, webinar, etc.)? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT VIDEO CONSULTATION SERVICES.

The pre-production stage is very important for the success of video production . It is used to structure the ideas and concepts, choosing the crew and equipment needed to plan and schedule.

VIÜ MEDIA offers all the pre-production services necessary for the success of your project:
Research and conceptualization
Brainstorming session
Technical breakdown
Finding filming locations
Booking studios
Booking the cast
Marketing strategy consultation
Media strategy consultation