Either narrated or verbalized by actors, the script is a document written by a copywriter to go hand-in-hand with production. The copywriter’s job is to verbalize key messages as effectively as possible, giving the key messages the right tone. One can recognize the quality of a script by its ability to make the viewer travel through clever and concise hooks. Moreover, a good script takes into account the following: the target-audience to whom the message is addressed, the key messages that need to be conveyed, the selected tone and the duration of the final video.

A script is necessary if the video involves the integration of a professional narration, if the content interacted through actors, or, if the information is too complex to be easily assimilated by the audience. In a video where the story-telling is an essential part, the script is a guide for emotions : it works with the film to move people, to motivate and/or to educate them. In a corporate or animated video, the script is useful for verbalizing complex information while preserving the attention of the audience.

We work with highly-skilled and creative writers. If you have trouble sorting through the information you have that you would like to mention in your video, writing a script is certainly recommended. The right words with the right tone will make all the difference for your target-audience, who will easily understand and be more engaged with the message conveyed in your video.