Technical Breakdown and Storyboard

The Technical Breakdown provides an overview of the video on paper before filming. In it, you can read the description of all the camera shots, the scenario, actions and dialogues of the actors, if any, human and material resources required to achieve each scene, visuals, computer graphics and special effects to add post-production to sustain the video.

The storyboard is the pictorial representation of the video before shooting. It looks like a comic book. The storyboard, clearly and imaginatively, provides the idea of the video!

The technical breakdown serves several purposes :
It allows the customer to verify that the video will meet his expectations and then make adjustments if necessary.
It also allows the production manager to ensure they have all the necessary resources to complete the project.
It facilitates the work of the director, who can refer to it during filming to make sure that his production is directly related to the idea and the initial concept.
Lastly, it saves money! A storyboard reduces the production time since it serves as a guide and prevents unexpected surprises.

VIU MEDIA offers the technical breakdown service to give you the opportunity to validate scenes before being captured during production. Always in close collaboration with the customer during requirement analysis, VIU MEDIA presents the first version of the technical breakdown to the client for validation. Camera shots and the overall structure of the video can then be adjusted to the customer’s request, under the supervision of a production manager and a director to ensure the feasibility and creative approach. The final document is then approved and Production can begin!